Mac receiving Transaction Error after running updates

Modified on Fri, 17 Dec 2021 at 11:44 AM

After updating the MacOS to Big Sur or Monterey, Citrix may issue a transaction error.  This typically occurs when the Mac has been through a few different installations and has some leftover data from a previous version.

First, download the latest Citrix Workspace from this link:

Go into the downloads folder, double-click the Citrix installation file, choose Uninstall Citrix and confirm

Next, use the Citrix installer to Install Citrix Workspace. 

All default installation options are OK. 

Check the box to Add account, if creating a desktop icon and not using the web portal.

When prompted for work email or server name, use:

and your DM username and password

This will restore Citrix back to a default installation.

Optional steps:

When logging in via Safari, if Design Manager does not automatically launch when clicking the icon, it may be required to reset the saved website data and cookies:

  • Launch Safari Browser and select Safari from the Menu on top > go to Preferences..

User-added image


  • In preferences > Select Advanced tab > check Checkbox "Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar" (Located at the very bottom). This option will enable the Develop tab in Safari top menu


User-added image 

  • Close the preferences window by selecting the red circle on the top left corner
  • Go back to Safari Menu and select > Clear History

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User-added image 

  • Then go to Safari Menu and select the Develop Tab > Empty Caches

User-added image 

  • Close All safari windows after this. Make sure no Safari Windows are left open.


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  • The following window prompt will appear “Do you want to allow this page to open Citrix Receiver Launcher?" please select “Allow”

Optional step to remove leftover Citrix files:

Depending on the original Citrix version installed, some files may be left over on the system. 

Use the Citrix uninstall utility to uninstall the Workspace app.

Switch to the Finder.

Press and hold down the Option key on the keyboard.

From the Go menu, select Library, as shown below. The Library folder will open.

Navigate to the Application Support folder.  Remove any Citrix program directories

Look in Application Support for any leftover entries and remove

Restart the computer and use the Citrix installer to re-install the Citrix Workspace app