How to track down Reconciliation Differences

Modified on Fri, 22 Sep 2017 at 01:51 PM

Sometimes the Checkbook, or Credit Card will not balance despite the cleared Checks/Deposits matching the statement. Often times this is the result of something from a prior statement being edited or voided. To try and track down these types of transactions it is helpful to run a Transaction Search. The Criteria for the Search will come from the Reconciliation History of the prior month. To find this information, go to the Reconcile Checking/Credit Card tab. Select the Account in the drop down menu. Click on the History button.

In the transaction search enter the following information:

#1 – The account you are trying to balance.

#2 – The statement ending date for the last statement that balanced (enter this into the second Date field, leaving the first Date field blank)

#3 – The date one day after the Keyed Date from the Reconciliation History Report (enter this into the first Keyed Date field. BE SURE to clear out the second Keyed Date field so it is blank before selecting Find).

In the example below, we consider all of these to be “suspicious transactions”. It doesn’t mean they are wrong, but these are things that were edited/voided after we reconciled the account previously and may potentially need to be entered again or reviewed closely.