Unable to browse to local drives when loading a picture/file into DMCloud

Modified on Thu, 01 Jun 2017 at 04:45 PM

User's local drives do not show up when loading a picture or other file from Design Manager Cloud

  1.  Make sure that all drives on the user’s computer are accessible.  Try opening each hard drive and network drive along with any plugged in USB or other removable drives.  Disable or eject any inaccessible network or removable drives.
  2. If a removable drive (USB/thumb, etc.) was installed since logging into DM Cloud, logout of DM Cloud and back in to pick up the new drive.
  3. There is an issue in MS Windows (particularly Vista) where network drives can stop mapping.  Since DM Online uses the network drive mapping capabilities of Windows this could cause the problem.  Log out of DM Cloudand then shutdown and restart the computer…the restart should fix the problem.
  4. The iPhone and iPad do not natively support local drives.  You can turn on Local Storage under settings in the Citrix Receiver on these devices.  Files stored on local storage are on available through iTunes when the device is plugged in.