Add a markup to your item cost

Modified on Mon, 17 Jul 2017 at 05:22 PM

Adding a Cost + Markup to Items (example below shown in ProCloud)

  1. Add or Edit an Item in the Project.
  1. Choose the + sign to add a Component (pricing information) or the pencil to Edit an existing one.
  1. Be sure that your % Type is set to Markup.

4. Enter the Markup %.

5. Enter your Unit Cost and Quantity.

6. The Sell Price will automatically calculate based on the Cost + Markup.

7. Choose OK.

8. The Item will show the component and the Total Estimated Price will include the Cost + Markup.

Example of a Proposal showing the Item Price with Cost + Markup:

You can set each of your Component Types to automatically be set to a Markup % Type, as well as enter a default Markup percentage amount. There is an overall Company setting for this; however, each Project can also have separate settings.

Company Settings: (File - Company information and settings - advanced - General tab)

Project Settings: (edit a project and select Default tab - advanced)