How to Copy and Paste Items from a Project (ProCloud)

Modified on Fri, 04 Aug 2017 at 03:52 PM

The Copy and Paste buttons allow the user to copy Items between Projects or even within a single Project.

To Copy and Paste a Component, Item, Location, Group or Entire Project, go to the Specifications Window ? Tree View tab.

Enter the Project Code of the Project you will be copying from into the Project field. Select the desired Component, Item, Location, Group or the Project Name on the Specification Tree and click the Copy button.

For our example below, we chose to copy an Item and paste it into another Project.

To paste the Item into a new Project, enter the Code of the desired Project into the Project field.

Click the Location on the Specification Tree so it highlights, then click the Paste button.

Now you can see the Item has been pasted into the new Location.

Any 'level' on the Specification Tree can be copied and pasted.

Copied Items do not carry forward any accounting or document information.