Error - Citrix HDX engine problem has occurred

Modified on Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 1:03 PM

After logging into the DM Cloud program/app you receive an error that a Citrix HDX engine problem has occurred. The error asks you to send an Error report and once you choose to send the report, you are logged out of the Cloud Program.

This error typically occurs when there are printers on your Devices/Printers list (possibly those with Auto in the name) of your Computer that are not available for use. Or possibly too many unused/not up-to-date printers/drivers on the list.

We suggest that you delete ALL of the printers that you do not print to from this computer.

Once they are removed, log back into the Cloud and try running the program again.

If the error continues to occur, make sure that ALL printers on the Computer’s list are able to printed to using another program on the computer…not through the Cloud.

Then check to be sure that you are running on the latest Citrix Client. You can Download the latest client at