Message - password in use or there is already another copy of DM running

Modified on Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 1:15 PM

User logs in and gets a message that the password is in use or that there is already another copy of DM running.

There are two possible causes for this message:

  1. The icon is being clicked on multiple times before the program gets a chance to start.  Close all running copies, log out of the Internet site.  Log back in, click on the icon once (do not double-click), and wait for the program to launch.
  2. In order to tell if another computer or user is already logged in, the system checks the time that user last used the account.  This problem can occur if the daylight savings time is set incorrectly on one of the client computers.  Check the time and date on all computers that are used to log into DM and make sure that the time, time zone, and daylight savings settings are correct.