Using the Product Clipper

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When using the Product Clipper, you can enter as little detail as you wish to save about your item; not all fields are required.  ONLY an Item Name or Description is required to save the entry. Once you have entered the details, click on the check mark at either the top or the bottom of the Product Clipper to save. The saved entry will now show on your Pro Cloud Whiteboard.

Clipping an Image: The Product Clipper will show the DM icon over images that can be clipped.  Hover over the image on the website and select the icon to clip that image. Once clipped, the image will appear in the top picture area of the clipper.  To change the image, click the DM icon on any other image. To delete an image completely, select the trash can icon under the image inside the clipper.

Clipping Specification Details: Click into the field of the Product Clipper that you wish to enter details for.  The field will show a blue border around it when selected. 

Then you can mouse over the website to find the text detail that you wish to add to that field.  When you mouse over, the clipper will show the areas that can be clipped highlighted in blue.  Click to select that text. 

NOTE: The Item Name field will only allow up to 45 characters.  All additional characters will be ignored.

The Vendor field connects to your Pro Cloud Vendor Glossary.  Click into the field and begin to type your Vendor's name to see matching Vendors.  Click to select the proper one. A vendor MUST be in your Pro Cloud Vendor Glossary in order to be included with your item details.  If you have not created the Vendor in Design Manager already, leave this field blank (it is not required and can be added later). You can add the new Vendor inside Pro Cloud and then select it for this item on the Whiteboard.

Fill in all the details you wish to collect about the item.

Including Additional Information: The Additional Information section allows you to select a Project, Location, Sales Category and clip or enter a Component Description.

Click the next to the information field you wish to include.

The Project, Location and Sales Category fields are linked to your Pro Cloud glossaries.  Begin to type into the field to see your available options.  The Location field will allow you to type a new Location if the Pro Cloud glossary does not include it already.  If you have not created the Project in Design Manager already, leave this field blank (it is not required and can be added later).  You can add the new Project inside Pro Cloud and then select it for this item on the Whiteboard.

Once you have collected all of the information needed from the vendor's website, select the check mark (top right) or  (at the bottom) to save the entry to your Whiteboard, where any additional information can be added.  The Product Clipper will verify the item was saved by showing a large green check mark. This will clear the fields of the clipper to allow for another entry to be added.

Minimizing the Product Clipper:  Use the up arrowto minimize your Product Clipper.  This will allow you to browse websites without the clipper pane being in the way. If the clipper has a field selected before minimizing it (shows the blue border) then you will be able to click on data from the website to include in that field while the clipper is minimized. Once an area is selected, the clipper will maximize again to show the text it has collected for that field.

To maximize the Product Clipper pane manually, select the down arrow 

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