How to Configure a User's account

Modified on: 2017-11-22 10:30:44 -0500

If you have purchased an additional user(s) you will need to configure their account for use:

  1. Log into Design Manager as the Administrator using your ADMIN User Name and Password. 
  2. Launch the Design Manager Program
  3. Go to File - Company Information and Settings - Users & Security (Password) tab.
  4. You will see each of your users on the list.*
  5. Highlight the user you wish to configure and click the Pencil/Edit button next to the grid.  At the top of the window you may type in your Employee's Name, Title, and Email address.  The Title and Email fields are optional, but you MUST enter a User Name - this will change the user to now be Configured. An Email address is required in order for the User to be able to use the emailing functions in the program.
  6. To set security for the user to limit access to different parts of the software, Edit the Password Attributes.  The first function to which you should restrict access is the Company Window itself.  To change the employee so that they cannot edit the company information and cannot change any of these security settings, click on the plus sign in front of Company Information and then double-click on the lock in front of the word "View/Access" and the lock will close.  The closed lock indicates that this employee does not have access to view or edit any information in the Company Information Window.  In a similar fashion, you can grant or restrict access to almost every aspect of Design Manager. NOTE: the Administrator account security cannot be changed.

For more information on setting security, please see Passwords in the Help section of Design Manager on the main toolbar.

*Note:  If the user does not appear on the list, test the user's account by logging in as that new user using the login credentials provided for that user.  This will ensure that the user is added to the list so that the access rights can be edited. Log out as the new user(s), then start back at step 1 above.


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