Make a cost request Purchase Order to Vendors

Modified on Wed, 08 Jul 2020 at 12:02 PM

How to make a cost request Purchase Order to Vendors

If you would like to request a cost from a Vendor or multiple Vendors to decide who you may purchase the item from or to get a cost quote; Follow these steps to create a Request for Bid:

Step 1: Go to Glossaries tab > Vendors/Payees > Add a new Vendor

  • Make 'TBD' the vendor code and 'Request for Bid' the name of the Vendor
  • choose OK and close the vendor glossary

Step 2: Go to your Project Specifications and select 'TBD' as the Vendor code for the item(s) of which you'd like to get a price quote

Step 3: Create a PO for those Items/Components 

  •  Accept it through to generate the PO #

Step 4: Go to Project Reports and choose the Request for Bid report

  • Put in your Project and the PO # you just created for the item(s). There is room to allow you to get a request for bid from up to 5 different Vendors.  Put in the actual vendors codes that you wish to receive a bid from
  • Print or Export the Report. You will see that the system makes a Request for Bid to each vendor you entered

Step 5: Once you have accepted a price from the Vendor of your choice, edit the Items Vendor Code from 'TBD' to the actual Vendor you are ordering the Item from

  •  To do this edit the PO and double-click on each item on the PO and change the vendor code, re-accept the PO

 Watch a video tutorial on these steps here