How the default printer is determined when printing a report.

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In Design Manager Standard all reports except for the Proposals, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Checks, and Statements default to the current Windows default printer as set in the Windows control panel.  To determine the default printer, go to Start, Printers and Faxes.  The default printer is denoted by a check mark and can be changed by right-clicking on the printer and selecting "Set as Default".

Design Manager remembers the last printer selected when Accepting Proposals, Invoices, Checks, POs and Statements.  The printer is not changed until the document is accepted.  The last printer set after each document is accepted also becomes the printer used when the document is re-printed.  This allows Proposals to be set to go to a special printer that may have special letterhead when everything else goes to another printer with blank paper. 

Should printers be added or removed from the system, the user must be careful to select the appropriate printer next time they are printing one of these documents as Windows will renumber the printers when they are added or removed.  Remember that the document must be accepted in order for Design Manager to record that printer for use next time the respective document is printed.  Each of documents listed above remembers the printer separately and for each user of the computer.

For example, let us say that the system has an HP printer and a Lexmark printer and the HP Printer is set as the Windows default.  When printing a generic report such as the Sale Tax Report, the printer will always come up set to the HP Printer so long as it is the default printer specified in the Windows control panel.  When printing a new Proposal, the printer will be set to the last printer used to print a Proposal that was accepted.  If when printing a Proposal the user picks Lexmark and accepts that proposal, then the next time that a Proposal is printed it will come up defaulted to Lexmark even though HP is the Windows default.  Only accepting a proposal will change the "default proposal printer".  Should the user buy a new printer, let us call it Epson, and add it to the system, then the first time that a new proposal is created the user will have to be careful to reselect Lexmark as the printer number may change.

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