How to manually setup a Polycom phone that uses voice services

Modified on: 2017-08-03 12:22:23 -0400

1. You may interrupt the boot process by selecting "Setup" from the pre-boot options and manually change the configurations server URL to:  If this did not work, you can try what follows:
2. On the phone, press Menu, then 3, then 2. 
3.Enter the password and press OK. The password should be either 456 or 7654266
4.Select 'Admin Settings', then 'Network Settings', then 'Provisioning Server' (it can also be 'Prov.Server' or just ‘Server’)
5.Scroll down to Server Type, change this to HTTPS, and press OK
6. Scroll to DHCP Menu, go to Boot Server, press the check mark and then use the right arrow key to change 'Custom+Opt66' to 'Static' and press the check key to save.
7.Scroll down to Server Address and press the check key and use the arrows to view the URL (if there is any), you now need to enter this long-form URL (or go back to Server menu and enter address) .
Please be aware that the URL is case sensitive.
8. The phone will reboot several times and if everything is fine it will connect to the Server Successfully.

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