Setting Check Printing Position

Modified on: 2017-04-28 17:06:21 -0400

If you would like to change the position of how the check prints on the page follow the steps below:

1. Standard version -- Click File - Company Settings

Professional version -- Click G/L - Company Information and Settings

2. Click Advanced in the lower right hand corner

3. Click the Check position drop down menu and choose your position

Top = Check, Stub, Stub

Middle = Stub, Check, Stub

Bottom = Stub, Stub, Check

If you need to make adjustments to the top or bottom alignment (move printing up or down), use the Trim Printer Alignment field. 

To move printing down, use a positive number; start with .25.

To move it up on the check, use a negative number; start with -.25.

Print a check to regular paper and hold it up over your check to see if the adjustment made matches or further adjustments need to be made.

For the suggested checks to use with Design Manager see the here

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