Error 2004 or Out of Memory Error launching software or running a report

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This error is due to a limitation of the Crystal Reports 4.5 print engine.  Since Crystal Reports 4.5 and Pro 5.0 were written before computers had the capability of access so much RAM (memory), Crystal Reports 4.5 will not operate on a computer with 500 MB of RAM or more (on some operating system this limit may be 900MB or more).  Design Manager Pro 6.0 uses Crystal 8.5 and does not have any such limitation.  The only workaround is to set the MAXMEM setting on your each computer that needs to run Pro 5.0.  When upgrading to 6.0, the memory setting can be removed after you are comfortable with 6.0 and feel that 5.0 is no longer necessary to have on-line.

***The boot.ini file needs to be edited as detailed below. It is best to have a certified computer tech make this change on your computer***

***First try the 900 setting and then reboot and see if the error goes away.  If the error still occurs change the setting to 490.***

Changing the MAXMEM setting in Windows XP

  • Click the Start button in Windows and select run.
  • Type MSCONFIG in the Run window an click Ok.
  • The System Configuration Utility will appear. Click on the Boot.ini tab and select Advanced Options.
  • In the Advanced Options window, click the /MAXMEM check box and type in the maxmem needed to run the software. First try setting the Maxmem to 900, if 900 does not work try 490.
  • Reboot your PC to install the changes and then the software should load without the Out of Memory error.

Advanced method for changing Boot.ini in other Windows Operating systems and Server Installations.

Open the Boot.ini file in Windows (this will be a hidden, system file on the root of the boot drive).

Add the switch below to the end of the ARC path specified in the [operating systems] section of the Boot.ini file, as in this example:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\winnt="Windows NT" /MAXMEM=490
This forces Windows NT to only use 490 MB of RAM, ignoring everything else above this. This switch may be valuable in troubleshooting parity errors, mismatched SIMM speeds, and other memory related problems.
Please note that you should never specify the value of /maxmem to be less than 8MB, or Windows NT may not boot reliably. Also, this switch is only valid on the x86 architectures, and is not available on the MIPS or Alpha platforms.
For Windows 2000 Professional do not set /maxmem lower than 64 MB and for Windows 2000/2003 Server and Advanced Server do not set lower than 128 MB. For future Operating Systems check the minimum system requirements before you set the /maxmem switch.

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