Setting up a new workstation to use Design Manager Professional 6.0

Modified on: 2017-06-12 16:05:46 -0400

Note: If the client was already installed and the installation is damaged it may have to be uninstalled before following the directions below.  Check the add/remove programs under the control panel to check for the “Design Manager Pro 6.0 Client.”  Make sure that only the Client is uninstalled, NEVER uninstall the standalone setup (does not include the word Client).

  1. Go to the workstation computer that you wish to make run Design Manager.  (You do not need the Design Manager CD.)
  2. Double click on My Computer (for Windows XP click on Start and then My Computer).
  3. Find the network drive that received the Design Manager Server Installation and double click on it.  Next, find the Design Manager folder (usually named "DMPRO60") and double click on it.
  4. Find a folder named "Client" and double click on it.
  5. Finally, double click on the Setup executable to run the setup.

The setup wizard will eventually ask you to set the location of the server files.  This must be set to the Design Manager directory (usually called "DMPRO60") on your server.  An example is of this setting is "N:\DMPRO60" where "N" is your network drive letter and DMPRO60 is the Design Manager folder.  This folder is also the same as the one that you browsed to in order to find the "client" folder (see #3 above).

This procedure must be repeated under each user that logs into the workstation.  To run the setup for all user accounts, log into the workstation as the Administrator and use the /V”ALLUSERS=1” switch on the setup.exe command.  To do this, find the path to the Client subdirectory and use the Start, Run command to run the setup.  An example of the command would be (there is a space between setup.exe and /V”ALLUSERS=1”):

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