Upgrade your CiscoSPA303 Phone's firmware

Modified on: 2017-04-28 13:40:18 -0400

When using the Cisco SPA303 3 line IP phone is it recommended you always have the latest firmware/software. 

To check the version you are running:

  • On the phone itself – choose the Paper button.
  • Select Product Info (#10)
  • Use the arrow to find the Software Version.

(as of 6/14/13 the latest version is 7.5.5)

If you are not at this version, you should update the phone. You MUST do this update from the computer that is attached to the Phone.

To update:

If you are already at version 7.5.2b or higher:

  • Download the update here.
  • Open the file and run the executable to install.

If you are at a lower version than 7.5.2b, you will first need to upgrade to 7.5.2b.  Then you can upgrade to the 7.5.5 version.

  • Use the link above.  On the left-hand side click on All Releases and then 7. 
  • Choose the 7.5.2b. 
  • Download this file.
  • Open the file and run the executable to install.

For more help with the CiscoSPA300 Series phones see the manual here

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