Printing error occurs on Windows 2012 Server

Modified on: 2017-05-17 12:22:54 -0400

Printing error occurs when printing when software is installed on a mapped drive on Windows 2012 Server

When printing a report to preview window the printer driver raises a general protection fault error. The software is installed on a Windows 2012 RDP server (terminal server) and to a mapped drive hosted on another server.  When browsing to the drive, right-clicking and choosing ?run as admin? or changing the shortcut to point to the UNC path (i.e. \server\share\dmpro70.exe) remedies the issue.  This appears to either be change or a bug introduced in Windows 2012 Server when printing from applications running on mapped drives, the solution to which is not to use the drive letter to launch the software or to run the software from the C: (local) drive of the server.

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