Record is deleted, error code 3167.

Modified on: 2017-09-22 13:52:09 -0400

Error 3167, Record is deleted will be displayed by the system if a record that is in memory or is currently being displayed on a data grid was deleted on either another window or by the action of another user elsewhere on the network.  In these cases this error is completely normal.  For example if User A has the list of vendors up in their screen and they can see vendor code ABC, meanwhile on another computer User B deletes vendor ABC.  Now since User A?s screen has not been refreshed yet, if they try to edit vendor ABC they will get the ?Record is deleted? error message.  This can also happen through more complex actions, for example if User A is looking at a list of active items and User B posts an Invoice that makes one User A?s items inactive, User A would receive this error if they try to edit the item that was made inactive.

Should users believe that they are receiving this message in error then it is possible, although unlikely, that a corrupted database index is causing the message.  In this case, run the Repair Database from the File, Utilities menu.

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