Information about errors 3197, 3343, and 3015.

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All of these errors denote a corrupted database or a database that has been overwritten or changed by some method outside of Design Manager.  To fix such errors, first run a repair.exe.  If repair.exe runs successful then run a live update, live update will do a sync on the database making sure that any missing data indexes are restored (fpsync.exe may also be run AFTER the repair) if live update is not possible.

Note:  For Pro 5.0, run fpautl32.exe, choose rebuild data indexes, run fpasync /compact

Should repair not work, then the database is corrupted so badly that repair cannot fix it.  Common reasons for this are a failing hard drive (database may have resided on a bad or mapped out sector), a bad network problem where garbled data was written into the database due a network transmission problem, or the database was damaged by another external method (such as overwriting it with another file, opening it with an application other than Design Manager, or aborting a copy or move of the database).  In these cases, the hardware problem should be fixed and then the database should be restored from a backup from a time before the corruption.

For more technical information concerning errors 3343, 3197, 3015, see:

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