Restoring a back-up and common restore errors

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Executing a Restore will overwrite ALL data that is currently inside the DM program you are restoring to.

To restore a backup file in Design Manager, place the backup file in any folder on the Network or the local Hard Drive (note the path to that file). Do not rename or unzip the backup file.

For Pro 7, the backup file should be named (or similar with a date inside the name); Pro 6.0 -; DM2011 - (or similar with a date inside the name ? example: ); DM2000 -; Pro 5.0 -; DM 4.0 can only be restored from the Floppy Disks that the backup was created on.

To Restore:

  • Open Design Manager.
  • Make sure that NO other users are in the program.
  • Go to File ? Utilities ? Restore a Back-up.

Run the restore program and point the software to the location of the backup file. The software will automatically unzip and restore the data if it is pointed to the correct path. Once complete, you can reopen the program to see the restored data.

Some common errors are:

Error 53 or Error 102 - File not Found- The backup file is not in the directory that was chosen for the Restore or the Restore was pointed at the wrong directory.

Error 105 - Error accessing file (sharing violation) ? There are users on other computers that have the software open.  The restore program cannot overwrite the database while other users are using it.  ?OR-  The file was placed in a directory that the user does not have access to or was placed on an external device that it can not restore from. Try copying the file to the Local hard drive and running the restore again.  ?OR- The user does not have network rights to overwrite the database.

Error -11 ? Read Error - This is usually caused by a bad diskette when restoring from floppy disks.

Error -2 - Invalid Archive directory or Error -25 ? CRC (cyclical redundancy check) Mismatch ? There was an error writing the original back-up file that you are now trying to restore and the file is corrupted.

Error -10 ? Disk Full ? The hard drive that holds the destination folder (Design Manager Directory) is full or out of disk space.

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