How to run the fpasync file utility

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The FPASYNC.EXE file utility takes a master blank database and copies all records from your current database into a new database.  The result of this utility is an exhaustive database repair that will weed out corruptions and restore all database objects and indexes to a pristine condition.  It is not necessary to run this utility if repair is run on a consistent basis.  It should only be run if DM is not functioning normally and repair.exe did not remedy the issue.  The most important part of this procedure is to make sure that you have a good back-up before running the utility (steps 3 and 4).

  1. Have all users exit DM. 
  1. Open DM from one workstation where the user has Administrator rights to your network or domain.  Make sure that the password that you enter for getting into DM has rights to the utilities section. Make sure you are wired to your network, do not run this over a wireless connection.
  1. Choose File form the menus across the top, Choose Utilities, Backup Database.   Store the back-up to a folder on your hard drive where you know you can find it.  Make sure that you are not overwriting and previous backup, in other words, put it in an empty folder.
  1. Check the folder to which you stored the backup, you should have a file called for Pro and for DM Standard.  This is your backup, if something goes wrong with the database utility, you will need this backup!  If you have any other backup system for you DM directory on your server, it is a good idea to make sure that it is up to date with its backup as well.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you have a proper backup before continuing.
  1. Exit DM and browse to the DM folder on your network.  You can get there quickly but clicking on the DM icon with the right mouse button and choosing “open file location.”
  1.  Inside the DM folder there is a program called FPASYNC (fpasync.exe).  Double-click on this file to execute it and start the utility.
  1. The length of time that the utility takes to run depends on the size of your data and speed of the network.  It could anywhere from 5 minutes (or less) to several hours.  If an error occurs during the utility, note the data table and error message and choose Ignore…this signifies a corrupted record in the database and ignore will skip that record, hopefully you will have none of these.  Contact DM technical support if you receive any errors and do not have anyone use DM until the database is either restored form the backup or it is decided that the error is acceptable.
  1. Once the utility is complete with no errors, open DM and make sure it took care of the problem.

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