Determine the Size of the Design Manager Database (Desktop Only)

Modified on: 2018-03-15 12:25:29 -0400

To determine the current size of your Design Manager database, right-click the Design Manager icon on your desktop. On the Design Manager Properties Window, click the Open File Location button.

In Windows Explorer, you want to locate the file dm70.mdb for Design Manager 2011 or dmp70.mdb for Design Manager Professional 7.0. The files will be different for older versions of Design Manager but Design Manager will always begin with “dm” while Design Manager Professional will begin with “dmp”. The File Type will be listed as either .MDB File or Microsoft Access Database. Note: Older versions of Design Manager or customized versions of the software may have multiple databases in the application directory.

CRITICAL: The maximum size for the Design Manager database is 2GB! Design Manager will cease to operate in any capacity if that limit is reached! If your database is approaching 2GB, contact our Technical Support department immediately so we can analyze the database and assist in determining the proper course of action. Design Manager Professional has an option to use the Microsoft SQL database which has no such limit in practical terms. Converting to this database engine does take ample preparation that can delay the process many weeks so advance notice is extremely important!

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