Microsoft Lync Click-to-Call (C2C) is not working

Modified on: 2017-04-11 14:13:09 -0400

If you have Hosted PBX – voice phone services and the Lync Click-to-Call option selected, but are unable to use Lync to make a call via the phone, you will need to be sure that the proper phone is chosen for the Click-to-Call option.

  1. Log into the Exchange hosted control panel.
  2. Choose Hosted PBX.
  3. Choose Manager Users
  4. Select the user that cannot Click-to-Call
  5. Under Phones: Click on the Click-to-Call link.
  1. Click on VoIP Phone Order and Save Changes.
  1. Try to Click-to-Call via Lync again.  If there is still no success, Log out and then back into Lync and try again.

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