How to Add a Server to an Email Safe List

Modified on: 2017-04-11 13:29:21 -0400

If a user cannot prevent an email from going into their Junk mail, the server from which the email is generated can be added to a Safe List.

  1. First, the server in question must be examined to ensure it is not considered ‘blacklisted’ by trusted authorities. To do so, enter the server into which will indicate if the server can be trusted. Be sure to enter the domain portion of the address if necessary. For example, if the email arrived from server just enter into the MXToolBox site.
  2. If the server is trustworthy, it can be added to the Safe List for the company’s Intermedia Account. On the Account page of the company, click SpamStopper Pro.
  3. On SpamStopper Pro, click Safe & Blocked Lists.
  4. Then click Safe Senders and input the server in the Add to Sender List and click Add.
  5. Emails from the server will now be permitted.

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