DM Application will not launch, nothing happens

Modified on: 2018-12-20 14:24:10 -0500

Click on the DM Application icon and the application will not launch, nothing happens - Mac is unable to associate the .ica file with the Citrix online plug-in.

If you have installed Citrix on a Mac using Safari and have clicked on the Application Icon but the program will not launch, try the following:

MacOS 10.13 and Safari 11.0     (if using Mojave/MasOS10.14 - please continue here)

Make sure you have given proper permissions in Safari for the Citrix Plug-in.

1. Browse to

2. Click on Safari – Preferences

3. Select Websites

4.. Select the Citrix Receiver plug-in on the left pane, then set the option to On for
        Note:  A restart of Safari may be required after Receiver installation if the choice is not displayed

Mac OSX 10.10.5 and Safari 8.0.8:


Make sure you have given proper permissions in Safari for the Citrix Plug-in.

1.Click on Safari – Preferences

2. Choose Security

3. Click on the Website Settings for Internet Plug-ins

4. On Citrix Receiver, select the drop down and change to Always Allow

If the fix above does not resolve the issue and it appears that Safari is not associating the file with Citrix, try the following: (the following is more commoly needed for older Mac versions, such as 10.7 - it is recommended that you update your Mac to the latest Operating System)

  1. Right-click (or ctrl+click) on the Design Manager Icon
  2. Select “Download Linked File”
  3. File should appear in the Mac downloads folder
  4. Right-click (or ctrl+click) on the Launch.ica and select “Show in Finder”
  5. Right-click (or ctrl+click) on Launch.ica and select “Get Info”
  6. Select Open With
  7. Select Macintosh HD – Library - Application Support – Citrix – then select Citrix Online Plug-in, then select Change All checkbox under the Open With
  8. Restart the Internet Browser

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